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are you talking about the way i blog and the people who do it similarly cos you summed it up

It was just a playful jab at his morning spams, really. I don’t reblog nearly as much as my mutuals on here but I do enjoy the constant feed of fanart and other fun things they provide. You and animex here and Ryo are probably the biggest contributors to my dashboard.

Since it’s a thing that cropped up on my dashboard recently, I think most of my followers would enjoy watching Eureka 7 if they get the chance. While it appeals to a lot of tropes of mecha anime, it does so in ways that do not weaken the narrative and are more enjoyable than anything. For example, the ‘heroic BSOD’ moment and subsequent depression of the main protagonist is quite understandable and follows a logical progression rather than a lot of series that either deal with it too quickly or wallow in the negativity, and the protagonist grows quite noticeably from it and has considerable character development over the course of the series.

The characters are all portrayed in very realistic ways and have excellent development as the series progresses. There are very few straight-up unlikeable characters and typically they are meant to be disliked by their portrayal. Even the ‘bratty kid’ characters, for their rather considerable presence, are portrayed in a realistic way without becoming unlikeable, which is a feat in itself.

Beyond characters, the action of the series is great and always serves a purpose beyond simply having it in there for the sake of explosions. The music hits all the right notes at the right time, and the story, while fairly predictable, is at least engaging and well-crafted.

I’ll admit I’ve only seen the first part of the anime and haven’t looked into any printed works or other productions of it, but the part that I’ve seen was enjoyable for the length of it.



Consider this:

  • 0% of wars in recorded history have been started by skeletons.
  • 100% have been started by fleshlings.

So why is there this preconceived notion that skeletons are ‘spooky’ and ‘scary’? It’s 2014 and I think it’s time that we end this wrongful discrimination of our lipoprotein-deficient brethren.

Your failure to mention how all wars have begun because we have been manipulated into them by the skeleton within us makes me think you are either misinformed or, more likely, an inside agent sent by the skeletons to sow discord among the ranks of the fleshy.

To assume that the skeleton inside of you is manipulating you to do evil is a harmful prejudice perpetuated by people who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions and thus blame the nearest innocent body. It’s simple, after all, since what skeleton can speak up to defend himself when accused by the very flesh that has entrapped him? There is no proof that the skeleton has done anything, but the charges stand simply because skeletons are ‘scary’ and ‘evil’.

Besides, if skeletons could simply manipulate the bodies around them then why would there be any need to petition for equal treatment? If they could control you to get whatever they want, then why would they have need to make themselves known at all? All that I’m hearing from you is more hasty assumptions just to justify your hate and to smear anyone who attempts to change your mind.

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